Our founding story

A sale dies, a method is born

Founding Partner, Kevin Curran, began his career in the benefits industry in the most uninspiring fashion, as a failure.

Too stubborn to give up, he pressed on against other’s recommendations.


On a winter’s afternoon in 2009, Kevin met with the owners of a small courier company to discuss the incredible savings his insurance company could provide on their current life & disability plans. His plan of a straightforward policy swap was derailed a few minutes into the meeting when the executive team began questioning the policies.

The first partner asked, “I’m 68 and have an old individual disability policy. I believe it costs me twice as much as what we pay to insure our entire company for life & disability. Should I keep it?”


The next said, “I have no individual life, disability, or long-term care. Also, I’m not covered under our business continuity plans, because I can’t pass the medical underwriting due to a mild heart condition that occurred a few years back.”


Last, “I became an owner about a year ago and have yet to buy any additional life or disability insurance outside of these low maximum plans.”

As Kevin’s dream of an easy transactional sale unraveled, he realized the only way out was to address each person’s issues and concerns. He leaned in, asking each of them follow-up questions. The impromptu discovery session uncovered a multitude of shortcomings that the current group policy did not address. Through education, Kevin was able to illustrate the alternative methods available to solve their specific coverage issues. This ultimately led to the creation of a custom-tailored group life & disability program that better supplemented their individual planning. The client gratefully implemented all the recommendations even though the final premium was considerably higher than the previous plans. Kevin was thrilled the client was so happy, but he was tormented by a thought; "What if most clients have the wrong life & disability policy because no one has taken the time to do proper discovery and educate them in a way they understand?"


Four years later, having cultivated this notion into a successful carrier rep business plan, he felt the concept required further vetting. Again, contrary to other’s recommendations, he departed his carrier career.


Armed with a box of gluten-free crackers, an underwriter’s manual, and an early release of Excel 2010, Kevin entered the windowless office in his basement intent on quantifiably improving life & disability consulting. Good news, Kevin safely emerged from that basement and Employee Benefits Subject Matter Experts (EBSME) was born; an organization that exists to partner with brokers & consultants to bring clients a unique and effective life & disability consultation.

Today, Kevin is joined by his like-minded friend and business partner, Matt Masone, a wonderful team of employees, and a truly special group of partner brokers. Together, they empower plan sponsors to make intentional benefits decisions.