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The typical insurance contract is a long and complex legal document. However, these contracts are less daunting for a financial planner who has a system for analyzing them and tailoring the provisions to fit their client's needs. EBSME partners with brokers and consultants to ensure clients receive the thorough consultation these products deserve.

  • Revenue Source Analysis

  • Paid Time Off and Salary Continuation Discovery

  • Understand Existing Executive and Business Continuity Planning

  • Merge census data against policy provisions and benchmarking to determine coverage gaps

  • Gap Analysis Testing

    • Covered earnings & eligibility assessment

    • Implications of policy limitations

    • Reverse Discrimination and Ageism analysis

    • Coordination of Benefits: PTO/Sick/Salary Continuation/Operating Agreement vs. Disability

    • Taxation Efficiency

  • Alternative funding viability review

  • Determine proper mix of policy efficiencies to maximize savings while maintaining the plan's integrity

  • Evaluate impactful covered earnings and eligibility charges

  • Create plan alternatives to align with or exceed industry benchmarking

  • Leverage voluntary lines of coverage to improve employer's cost

  • Integrate wellness program incentives into ancillary strategy

  • Determine viability of early intervention vocational case management on STD and Workers Compensation claims

  • Develop and implement a worksite enrollment strategy for enhanced employee communications