One size does not fit all.

Do you know the right questions to ask when evaluating your group life & disability insurance?


The average-benchmark policy includes many limitations and shortcomings. Simply, “having coverage” does not mean your company, your employees, and their loved ones are financially protected against a catastrophic event.


Discovery, Analysis, and Education are the cornerstones of any major financial decision. An EBSME consultation can help you firmly establish your organization’s risk management objectives while providing candid, fact-based guidance through your decision-making process.

How would you answer the following questions?

  • How do you want you and your family provided for in the event of a life-altering disability?

  • Do your life & disability programs fit the demographics of your current employee population?

  • How has your organization changed since your current plans were installed?

  • Should all diagnoses be treated equally under your disability policies?

  • Is your insurance working in concert with your internal leave policies and salary continuation programs?

  • Were local leave laws properly factored into your plan decisions?

  • Are all employees, executives, and ownership treated equally under your current program or are there elements discriminating key individuals?

  • Outside of group insurance, what other death and disability planning do the owners have in place?

  • Do you know the full range of financial protection choices available to your organization today?

Happy Family in the Park

If you lack answers to any of these basic questions, you can benefit from an EBSME discovery session. Having thoroughly defined your intents, we will work with you and your benefits consultant to develop tailored solutions that meet your budget and coverage objectives.