brokers & consultants

Consult like your life depends on it.

Guiding your clients through an evolving benefits marketplace is a difficult task. It requires expertise in healthcare cost management, compliance, HRIS, employee communication, and much more. The list of responsibilities seem to grow daily.

Your clients have come to expect deep analysis, education, and alternative solutions as you work together to control their healthcare spend. So, why are their ancillary benefits not evaluated in a similar manner? At a fraction of the cost of group medical insurance, life & disability programs can provide important long-term financial protection against catastrophic and life-changing events.


EBSME partners with brokers and consultants to quantifiably improve your life & disability consultations. Through proper discovery, plan analytics, and client education, EBSME ensures your clients receive the tailored consultation these products deserve. When we say, “Consult like your life depends on it.”, we are declaring our intent to exceed what would be our expectations of a consultant in the event we were diagnosed with a severe long-term disability. The decisions clients make today impact how benefits are paid months, years, or even decades into a claim.


A partnership with EBSME will lighten your agency's workload, implement a more comprehensive life & disability strategy, and substantially grow your revenue.