brokers & consultants

Consult like your life depends on it.


Your clients have come to expect deep analysis, education, and alternative solutions as you work together to control their healthcare spend. So, why are their ancillary benefits not evaluated in a similar manner?


EBSME partners with brokers and consultants to quantifiably improve your life & disability consultations. Through proper discovery, plan analytics, and client education, EBSME ensures your clients receive the tailored consultation these products deserve.


A partnership with EBSME will lighten your agency's workload, implement a more comprehensive life & disability strategy, and substantially grow your revenue.

The Partner Broker Experience


“Pardon our original skepticism. Many vendors have walked into our agency saying they'll make our lives easier, improve our client experience, and grow revenues. EBSME just happens to be the first to deliver on that promise without the headaches."

  -- Partner Broker


EBSME and Partner Brokers work together to develop and execute a mutually agreed upon strategic plan; creating a formal, and growth-oriented, life & disability business unit. Our team puts action and accountability behind an agency’s intent. Serving as your ancillary benefits Subject Matter Expert, our organizations will partner on RFPs and achieve impressive results.

EBSME will:

  • Consistently generate new revenue comparable to an agency’s top producers.

  • Provide regular reporting to track progress towards stated goals.

  • Eliminate potential buyer’s remorse that arises when an undereducated purchaser starts filing claims.

  • Offer unbiased answers to your agency’s questions.

  • Reallocate time to your agency’s strengths.

When we do an exceptional job, the next time you bring your client a fresh idea or ask them to meet with another SME, you will get a resounding, “Yes!”

Partnership Expectations

Plan Analytics: Integrate gap analysis, benchmarking, and industry claims data to measure the effectiveness of the current plans and reveal the likelihood of the policy failing to meet the client’s expectations at claim time.

RFP Management: Our RFPs contain several requests for alternatives. The variations aim to maximize efficiency and improve the policy’s integrity while meeting the client’s price objectives. We also negotiate with carriers to formulate the final recommendations per your strategic plan. EBSME is not limited to a specific partner carrier list.

Client Presentation: We will build and host a client-specific education with financial analysis. In most instances, our consultation is a standalone 90-minute meeting with an agenda to do a full re-education and alternative approach refresh.

Calendar Blocking (sample): Annual kick-off, previous year wrap-up, and carrier planning meetings. Quarterly caseload planning. Bi-Monthly tactical check-ins. Focused agendas make meetings brief and efficient.

Through an EBSME partnership, you will spend less time on life & disability and more time generating better results. If you are focused on quantifiably improving all aspects of your employee benefits consulting, we are the SMEs for you.